About Compagnons Bâtisseurs

The Association des Compagnons Bâtisseurs, aka CBB, is a belgian non-profit and non-political youth organization.

Our projects aim to support the development of active citizens, able of sense of responsibility, criticism and solidarity. They offer a space for interaction and expression of people from diverse origins and abilities, with the objectives to encourage their awareness on societal challenges (from local to global level), to raise new links of solidarity between them and between their communities, and to support their full participation in the society.

We work on these aims thanks to a continuous dynamic of international exchanges.

We are looking for volunteers from the entire world. Join us !

Short term international activities in Belgium
Every year, we host around 250 young people from abroad on the international group activities we coordinate on the territory of the Brussels-Wallonia federation. A large part of these activities are dedicated to volunteering support to local communities. They have the shape of international workcamps and gather young people from the entire world or are organized as volunteering teams integrated in the European Solidarity Corps. We also organize 3 up to 5 youth exchanges via the ERASMUS+ programme. Discover these activities features in the following pages.
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Long term european volunteering in Belgium
We support the implementation of the European Solidarity Corps in Belgium. If you are between 18 and 30 years old, you might be happy to join one of our projects for a duration of 7 to 12 months. All the activities we coordinate take place in the French speaking part of the country. They offer a variety of tasks in the fields of education, environment, rural development, social work and youth work. Accommodation, food costs and health insurance are covered for the volunteers involved in the programme. You also receive a monthly pocket money and a learning support in French.
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European Solidarity Corps

Every year we coordinate some ESC projects in Belgium in the region of Marche-en-Famenne to participate to our local projects on a long term.

Work camps

Short term international volunteering projects we organise in Belgium. (CBB only hosts volunteers registered by a partner organisation)

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