European Solidarity Corps 9 months to one year in BELGIUM

You will find here our calls for volunteers in the different European Solidarity Corps (ESC) projects we coordinate in French-speaking Belgium. The European Solidarity Corps is a European Union funded programme. The projects are accessible to young people, from 18 to 30 years old, resident in one of the member and neighboring countries of the European Union.  A detailed information about the European Solidarity Corps programme, as well as many more projects, can be found on the official webpage of the European Commission.  

We are looking for young volunteers exited to join community and social projects and ready for new learnings and experiments.  So, if you candidate for one of our projects, be aware we will select you based on your motivation and understanding of the activity, not on curricula.  

As support organisation, we will be happy to share this experience with you.  

ESC long term projects in Belgium