Interra – Liège

Looking for one volunteer

This project is still waiting for labellisation approval – it cannot start before it’s approved

City + Country

Liège, Belgium

Dates of the next project

Coming date flexible – 31 january 2025

IMPORTANT: the activity is subject to acceptance of the new ESC label of the organization (ongoing process).

Deadline to apply

No fixed deadline: first come first served

Hosting organisation: Interra ASBL

Interra is a non-profit organization for the inclusion of migrants and the awareness of issues of migration, social cohesion and cultural difference through creativity, art and culture.

Interra’s aim is to create meeting spaces between people recently arrived in Liege territory and local people, through the showcasing of their talents, know-how and passions, in order to create a more inclusive society. Their target group are adults.

Their missions are to :

Create spaces dedicated to conversations and sharing in order to encourage the mutual support, cultural exchange and collaboration

Inform the host society about immigration richness, to bring a new vision on immigration, but also on the host society itself

Develop and mobilise a network to allow everyone to be fulfilled in the society

Favour the meeting of newly arrived and local people

-Promotion of solidarity

-Social inclusion, promotion of tolerance 

Check their website !


support people in a period of adaptation in a new intercultural environment

– encourage their emancipation and creativity

– support individuals in their process of developing different workshops

– support personal initiatives proposed by their audience

– encourage and trains in intercultural dialogue and establishing relationships with the local population

– supports individuals in identifying their skills and areas of expertise in order to present it as their professional occupation

Interra is a team of 9 employees. The association also welcomes interns and volunteers during the year. 

The Inter'Act project

This project allow recently arrived in Liege territory and local people to organise workshop, based on what they know or what they like to do, for a mixed public. For exemple :  themed aperitif games, world cuisine workshops, conversation table in French or Arabic, dance workshops, zumba, sport, yoga, psycho-dance, mini-football, taichi, tango, lantern creation, gardening, workshop-debate on gender, creative workshops, theater, writing, painting, meditation. These workshops are planned on average 6 times a week.

Collaborations with partners

Interra also work with local partners to create new projects : workshops, intercultural meetings, film debate and more. 

Support organisation: CBB

Check us on FacebookInstagram and take a look at our website!

CBB is a nonprofit, apolitical youth organisation recognized and financially supported by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. We propose different activities based on volunteering and nonformal education: local and international workcamps, short and long term volunteering services (including ESC), leisure time activities for and with disabled people, camp leaders trainings, etc. CBB is active within the different European programs of volunteering and non-formal education since 1997 and also hosts ESC volunteers each year.
CBB’s role as support organisation is to:
  • Promote the project and links between local and international associations
  • Support the selection and preparation of European volunteers before arrival
  • Manage administrative matters such as budget allowances, creation of bank account, enrollment at the municipality, insurance contracts
  • Write the activity agreement
  • Provide pedagogical support for the volunteer and the hosting organisation by ensuring the participation to the NA seminars, organising evaluation meetings with the volunteer and the hosting organization to reflect on learning outcomes
  • Handle practical arrangements, including accommodation, health insurance, French lessons, online language tools, etc.
  • Create networking activities with all ESC volunteers of the hosting organisations we support