MCFA Cultural Center – Marche-en-Famenne

Looking for one volunteer

City + Country

Marche-en-Famenne, Belgium

Dates of the next project

From 01st September 2024 to 06th July 2025

Deadline to apply

26th May 2024 (11:59 PM)

How to apply ?

Deadline: 26th of May 2024 (11:59 PM) (Brussels time).

1. To join the European Solidarity Corps
programme, create a profile on the European Youth Portal (click
on “register” at the bottom) 

2. Answer the questionnaire below (you will be asked to attach a CV at the end of the form

3. If you’re feeling creative, feel free to send us any additional material related to your application to (optional)

The creation of a profile on the ESC portal AND fulfilling the form are compulsory for us to take your application into consideration. In the days following your application, we will contact the pre-selected volunteers for a zoom interview.


Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, we prefer personnal answers than perfect ones. 

ESC at Cultural Center -MCFA/ Application form and motivation letter

Step 1 of 4 - Personal Data

  • Personnal data

    By filling the information below, you provide us with personal information. You are aware of the fact and agree that the pieces of information will be used in the frame of the call for candidates for the Erasmus+ volunteering project. Your personal data will be used by the persons in charge of the selection of volunteers in the sending and coordinating/hosting organizations. Each part mentioned takes the responsibility of erasing the documents containing your personal data once the selection procedure is over.

  • If you already have it - it’s a super long number you receive when you get registered into the PASS
  • Please specify which level you have whenever possible
  • Preference will be given to the volunteers able to join the project for the whole period.