Music Fund Project – Marche-en-Famenne

Looking for one volunteer

City + Country

Marche-en-Famenne, Belgium

Dates of the next project

01 February 2024 – 31 January 2025

Deadline to apply

21st September 2023 (11:59 PM)

Hosting organisation : Music Fund

 « Music Fund » is a non-profit association based in Belgium with 2 workshops and storage for musical instruments in Marche en Famenne, a town located in Wallonia (French speaking part of belgium). Its aim is to promote music as an instrument to develop social projects for young people, mostly in conflict zones and developing countries, with the slogan “Give music a chance”.  

Another objective of MF is to work with music schools and improve their access to musical instruments globally. They work hard to develop a network of musical repair technicians and improve their abilities. Last, but not least, they facilitate the access of musical instruments to young musicians all around the world.

Through a network of organisations all around the world, they collect the instruments, repair them, and give them to communities for their socio-artistic projects and music schools in need.

Music Fund works on a global level and their musical instruments reached as far as Haiti, Mozambique, Morocco, Palestine, Congo, etc.

In Belgium, the team of MF helps young people who want to learn to play by providing them with a wide range of instruments. Through their expertise centre in Marche en Famenne and a warehouse in Jemelle, they are able to fulfil all the needs for local music schools and socio-artistic projects all around Belgium.

They recognised the need for musical therapy in specific groups such as youngsters with difficulties, inmates, refugees and they work closely with organisations aiming to help specific groups of people. To this day, Music Fund organised 18 successful sessions of instrument making for inmates of the Marche en Famene Prison Centre. They also donated and maintained instruments for Red Cross asylum seeker centres. 

Organization of a few small-scale concerts, promotional events, stands on musical fairs are a part of their everyday activities. They promote solidarity, instrument donations and informing the general public about their work and how they can be involved with their projects.

Even though it’s only their third time hosting an ESC volunteer, they have years of experience hosting international volunteers and practitioners wiling to join this amazing cause! They are very excited to host a new volunteer in the small team ! Further information can be found at:

CBB host around 25 international volunteers around Wallonia. The ESC team of CBB tries its best to connect this network of volunteers together through different collective activities, seminars etc…

Support organization : CBB

In addition to this, the hosting organization is supported by the Association des Compagnons Bâtisseurs, aka CBB located in Marche-en-Famenne. CBB is a non-profit, non-political youth organisation recognized and financially supported by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. The organisation proposes different kinds of activities, based on volunteering and non-formal education: local and international workcamps, medium and long term voluntary services (including ESC), and leisure time activities for and with disabled people, camp leaders trainings…CBB is active within the different European Programmes of volunteering and non-formal education since 1997 and also hosts ESC volunteers each year.

CBB’s role as a support organization is to:

  • Promote the project and link between local and the international networks;
  • Support in the selection and preparation of European volunteers before arrival;
  • Manage of administrative matters: budget allowances; support in the creation of the bank account and enrollment at the municipality; enrollment in insurance; preparation of activity agreement;
  • Provide pedagogical support for the volunteer and the hosting organization: ensures the participation in the NA seminars; organization of evaluation meetings for the volunteer and the hosting organization to reflect on learning outcomes;
  • Handle practical arrangements: information about health insurance system in Belgium; indications about French lesson possibilities; online language tool…
  • Create networking between all ESC volunteers of the hosting organizations we support.