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The Association des Compagnons Bâtisseurs, aka CBB, is a non-profit organization recognized and financially supported as Youth Organization by the Brussels-Wallonia Federation since 1978. It is member of the ALLIANCE of European Voluntary Service Organizations since 1997. In Belgium, CBB is member of the federation of the pluralist and independent youth organizations. Very recently, CBB also became member of the CCIVS.

All the actions of the organization are based on the principles of non-formal education (in the French meaning of Popular Education). Our projects aim to support the development of active citizens, capable of sense of responsibility, criticism and solidarity. They offer a space for interaction and expression of people from diverse origins and abilities, with the objectives to encourage their awareness on societal challenges (from local to global level), to raise new links of solidarity between them and between their communities, and to support their full participation in the society.

CBB mainly develops its actions with permanent programs of activities, including short term activities :

International workcamps,  ESC Volunteering Teams and Youth Exchanges.

International workcamps

Workcamps are 2 to 3 week projects in an international group. Usually, you join a dozen volunteers, aged around 20 and from 7 to 8 different countries. Together, you carry out a non-profit project, often linked to one of the following themes: heritage, environment, cultural action or social action. You volunteer around thirty hours per week. The rest of the time, you enjoy group life and discover the region where you are staying.

All our projects answer the needs of the local communities and are organized for the common good. They are organized in collaboration with local non-profit organizations or with local authorities. Our local partners recognize themselves in the values and goals promoted by CBB: active citizenship, richness of the interculturality and human diversity, importance of youth empowerment and youth participation.

The local hosts are deeply involved in the preparation and the implementation of the projects. They are in charge to organize the work and to accompany the volunteers in their tasks. They are also responsible to facilitate the meeting between the international volunteers and the community.
It is the local hosts who cover the lodging and food costs of the volunteers.

As a volunteer, you can join an adult camp from 18 or a teenage camp from 15 to 17.

ESC Volunteering Team

The European Solidarity Corps is the new single entry point for solidarity activities supported by the European Union. The ESC includes the previous European Voluntary Service (EVS) activities, but also offers support to a range of new activities. Among them: the volunteering teams.

The volunteering teams mostly cope with the definition of a workcamp, in that sense that they permit to a group of minimum 10 participants coming from different countries to volunteer together for a period between 2 weeks and 2 months. The main difference between the volunteering team and the workcamp is that the volunteering teams are supported by a European project grant, which implies several new rights and responsibilities for the volunteers as well as for the participating organizations. It implies that the projects and the volunteers are registered on the PASS, the Placement and Administration Support System of the Solidarity Corps.

The participation to the Volunteering teams is limited to participants from EU member and partner countries, as well as partner countries neighbouring the EU: the Russian Federation, the western Balkans, the Eastern partnership and the South-Mediterranean countries.
CBB does count very much on the support of the ALLIANCE member and partner organizations established in these countries to inform and prepare the volunteers who will attend the projects. In advance, we thank very much our usual sending partners for their support.

You can join a volunteering team between 18 and 30. 

Youth exchanges

By participating in a youth exchange, you join other young people for several days of residential activities around a civic theme.

You live together, you express yourself together and you act together !

Youth exchanges are supported by the ERASMUS+ program of the European Union. You prepare in advance with the other members of your contry’s group. During the exchange, you address various themes affecting youth in Europe. You experiment with artistic techniques and express yourself in public spaces. Thanks to European support, your travel and accommodation costs are covered in whole or in part.