VOLUNTEERing IN a youth house in liège

Looking for one volunteer

City + Country

Liège, Belgium

Dates of the next project

From 1st September 2021 to 31st August 2022

Deadline to apply

Due to Covid-19 crisis, dates are subject to modifications.

This project is in the process of being certified but you can already submit your application.

Hosting organization: La Baraka

The youth centre of the west district – La Baraka is a non-profit organization which aim is to favour the emancipation and fulfilment of individuals while turning them into critical, responsible, active and solidary citizens. La Baraka is accompanying mostly young people between 6 and 26 years old but also proposes activities to older people. It uses active pedagogy and lifelong learning processes based upon:

  • interculturality and inclusion: take into account and valorize diversity in a broad sense (intergenerational, of gender, at the economical level and so on)

  • commitment to local and societal environment

  • co-building of skills and knowledge

  • artistic creation, individual and collective expression, and cultural awakening

More concretely, La Baraka is formed by 4 deeply interconnected entities:

1. L’Ecole des Devoirs, proposing activities to children and young people after school, and also accompanying daily the children for their homeworks.

2. A Youth House, where young people from 12 to 26 years old can go after school or during weekends and holiday. The Youth House offers sport activities (boxing, dance, introduction to different sports…), cultural activities (trips, exhibitions…)… encouraging a peaceful coexistence

3. A Centre of Expression and Creativity, with several artistic activities: theatre, dance, singing, video editing, film making… And other interdisciplinary activities in which the process takes precedence over the result.

4. Classes of French for people coming from abroad for children from 10 to 18 years old and young people until 35 years old.

Support organization: CBB
CBB is a non-profit, non-political youth organization recognized and financially supported by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. The organization proposes different kinds of activities, based on volunteering and non-formal education: local and international workcamps, medium and long term voluntary services (including ESC), and leisure time activities for and with disabled people, camp leaders trainings…
CBB is active within the different European programs of volunteering and non-formal education since 1997 and also hosts ESC volunteers each year. CBB’s role as support organization is to:
  • Promote the project and link between local and the international networks;
  • Support in the selection and preparation of European volunteers before arrival;
  • Manage of administrative matters: budget allowances; support in the creation of the bank account and enrollment at the municipality; enrollment in insurance (if not done by sending organization);
  • Prepare the activity agreement;
  • Provide pedagogical support for the volunteer and the hosting organization: ensures the participation to the NA seminars; organization of auto-evaluation meetings for the volunteer and the hosting organization to reflect on learning outcomes;
  • Handle practical arrangements: accommodation; information about health insurance system in Belgium; indications about French lesson possibilities; online language tool;…
  • Create networking between all ESC volunteers of the hosting organizations we support.

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